Family Walkies

Two dogs from £18

While we don’t walk dogs in big packs, we do walk dogs in their family packs (maximum of three dogs per walk). Whats more? You get a great discount!

  • Get a free 10 minute intro walk and family meeting to discuss your dog’s care.
  • All our walks are local, familiar to your dog and tailored to your their needs.
  • The whole walk will be on foot and will only use the car if it’s necessary.
  • We GPS the walk, and provide you with a daily email letting you know all about their adventure.
  • If they achieved anything in particular – they even get a little certificate ‘t’aww’.

We aim to build a friendship with your pack including playtime, throwing ball,  cuddles, training (if needed), love and plenty of attention. At the end of the walk, if they’re muddy we can clean them off with a provided towel. If they require food and water, we can make sure this is put down for them and they’re settled before we leave.

Just The Two Of Us (2 dogs) - 1 Hour

(2 dogs)
Just The Two Of Us (2 dogs) - 1 Hour
£18 per walk

We Are Furmily - 1 Hour

(3 dogs)
We Are Furmily - 1 Hour
£22 per walk

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