Senior Sittings

Just £12 per hour

When your pooch is in their retirement age, they still love to have fuss, attention, belly rubs and love. As a dog ages, their needs change, our check in visits can provide them with little extra comfort, attention and extra care.

  • We give your pooch our full attention which may include taking a short, slow paced walk nearby
  • Your pooch is fed, watered and any accidents are cleaned up
  • We’re happy to give them their medication if required
  • We give you a little email update on how your pooch is doing and a cute little photo to go alongside it

We aim to build a friendship with your old pal, ensuring that they are loved and have plenty of fuss and attention just like one of our own.

Furever Young - 45 Minutes

Furever Young - 45 Minutes
£12 per visit

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