Our Services

Solo Walkies

We want your poochies to receive all the undivided attention (and treats) they deserve which is why we run regular one-to-one walkies.

From £10 per Walkies

Family Walkies

While we don’t walk dogs in big packs, we do walk dogs in their family packs (maximum of three dogs per walk). Whats more? You get a great discount!

From £18 per Walkies

Checking In

Pit Stop Visit

Just looking for someone to pop in and check on your pooch throughout the day? We can pop in to make sure their fed, watered, had some play time/training and a toilet break.

From £10 per Visit

Puppy Sitting

The first few weeks of a puppy’s life are demanding, but yet you’ve run out of annual leave to tend to them? We can pop in during the day to make sure they’re fed, watered, clean and happy!

From £12 per Visit

Senior Sitting

Our older chaps need just as much love and attention as any other dog. We can pop in to make sure they’ve got company, give them a 5-10 minute walk and any medication they may require.

From £12 per Visits